Lightberry SD card – plug and play


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Pre-installed and tested system includes:
– Plug and play for all types of Lightberry and Lighberry Kits
– Preinstalled hyperion config creator KODI plugin (available at Menu Programs in Kodi) – makes the configuration quick and simple
– Grabber Screenshot addon – take the screenshot from the grabber using your TV remote – no more SSH/Putty/Samba struggle
Compatible with Raspberry pi 2 and 3
– Turning of leds when raspberry shuts down
– SD card speed 37MB(read)/15MB(write)
Our plugins will be auto-updated with new features as soon as there is new version available on GitHub (after user confirmation).

Ultra high speed (UHS-I) class 4 8GB micro SD card with SD card adapter, packed into protective case. Brand of the SD card is Toshiba or Goodram (technically exactly the same, just different printing; GoodRam is Polish SD card / flash memory respected brand) goodram


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