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Basic Set

Lightberry is a peripheral device of Raspberry Pi®. Thanks to Lightberry, you can enjoy colorful effects behind your TV, where colors adjust to movie, when played from Raspberry Pi®. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million, check our showcase on the left ( more in Showtime section ). This set offers basic functionality, it allows you to enjoy efects when movie is played from raspberry pi and also all effects that hyperion or boblight (depending on your choice of system) has to offer. It’s a foundation on top of thich we built all our sets.


It’s fun, it’s beautifull, it’s good for your eyes:



Lightberry with SCART Kit

First upgrade in ever growing family of lightberries – SCART Kit. It may seem like a cheaper version of HDMI kit – but make no mistake – in some cases it’s way better set to buy than HDMI kit. If your cable box have SCART/RCA output you don’t need HDMI splitter because resolution is no factor in this case. Just make sure that your device can output HDMI and SCART/RCA signal at the same time. Moreover, this set is also part of HDMI kit – you can always upgrade lightberry when you upgrade your TV setup.

Lightberry with HDMI Kit

Our most feature-packed set for all purposes. Doesn’t matter if you own xbox, ps3 or wii u, if your home teather is DIY mini pc or top of the line, out of box solution – if it outputs HDMI signal you can take your TV experience to the next level with lightberry. Moreover HDMI is a digital signal so there is no degradation of quality due to splitter. If you are unsure what you will need in future, this one is a way to go.


Lightberry with HDMI PREMIUM Kit

Our most feature-packed set for all purposes just got smaller. This one is our top of the line product for most demanding customers. At a bit higher price it allows to get rid of one power supply as splitter and grabber are now united in one slim device. If you are just one power socket short, if space under tv is limited or you just prefer nicer and cleaner setup – you won’t regret getting premium set.

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Amazing watching experienced

A new taste of watching , Must try.”
– Kanomtom

HDMI kit

Very good communication and support after receiving my HDMI kit. With the help of the Lightberry team I got it fixed and working as a Pi noob. Looks excellent on my cinema set.”
– Tim Teunissen

Easy, Quick, Cheap and Awesome!

great service, quick delivery and above all a cheap alternative to those expensive tv\’s that have this built in. A must have for all raspberry media centers! ”
– Tom Doetsch

Easy, cheap, good; pick three

Friendly contact prior to sale. Fast delivery, well packaged. Quality of used LED exceeded expectations. Installation and configuration was so easy I thought I missed something, but it just worked. \r\n\r\nAnd using the hyperion remote also worked. The effects worked after adding the correct path to the config file from your site.\r\n\r\nGreat product, great value.”
– Philip

Super Produkt – toller Service!!

Zu Beginn war ich doch ein wenig skeptisch ob der kleine Pi mir auch bei Full-HD Filmen ein tolles, ruckelfreies Ambilight an meine Wand zaubert…. ich wurde eines besseren belehrt!!! In Verbindung mit dem lightberry lies es sich problemlos realisieren… Ich bin begeistert!!! Vielen Dank auch an das Team (Tomek) von Lightberry. Super netter Kontakt & schnelles Verschicken der Ware hat diese Investition abgerundet ;-) Die Installation ging schnell von der Hand, ca. 30min hat´s gedauert… Ich empfehle die Verwendung von Openelec & Hyperion …\r\n\r\nAbsolute Kaufempfehlung von mir!”
– Ralf

Lightberry na topie!

Długo przyglądałem się kilku amatorskim zestawom na bazie projektu boblight. Wiele różnych koncepcji zastosowań wielu elementów dostępnych na rynku, ale żaden z nich nie był przygotowany tak dobrze jak zestaw z lightberry. Wysokiej jakości wykonanie nie wątpliwie wyróżnia ten produkt z pośród wszystkich dostępnych na rynku produktów tego rodzaju. Gwarantuje że żaden własnoręcznie wykonany projekt nie może się jakością porównywać do tego zestawu. Gorąco polecam. Całość warto postawić na systemie Xbian oraz dodatkiem hyperion. Działa świetnie i znacznie wydajniej niż to rozwiązanie zaproponowane w instrukcji.\r\n\r\n\r\n”
– Artur

Great product, fast shipping!

I ordered 2 Lightberry\’s from the Netherlands. Payment was swift with Paypal and the products arrived nicely wrapped within 3 days (with Track and Trace). After receiving I installed the Lightberry on my 46 inch Samsung LED TV. Installation was a lot easier than expected. Lightberry comes with a Velcro tape that you stick to the TV first. This comes in really handy, as you can then re-adjust the LEDs a little bit more after installation. With the configuration tool it was simple to create the boblight.conf file and it was plug and play after that. The first time I tried it immediately worked and needed no more further trimming! Since we installed the product it seems that the TV is 10 inch bigger! ”
– Remco Brouwer


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What Lightberry size do you need?

TV Size Lightberry size
42 and less 44 LED
42 – 46 48 LED
46 – 55 52 LED
55 – 60 56 LED
60 – 70 64 LED

Couple of hints:

  • Keep cable as flat as posible
  • Do not cover any TV wents
  • If you have a thin TV border you might need to move LEDs towards the center of TV – you won’t see LEDs when looking on tv and get more space to distribute light
  • You can buy a larger set for a smaller tv – some LEDs will be unused until you buy bigger TV.

Compare Lightberry sets:

Power Supply
Boblight support
Hyperion support
USB Video Grabber
SCART support
HDMI support
HDMI 3D support
Compact size
HDMI CEC support

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Lightberry Distributors

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Each Lightberry set comes with 2 year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions and news

Q: How can I turn on/off hyperion easily?
A: Use android app to send black color to the leds. Even if Hyperion will be working in a background, your leds will remain off. To turn hyperion on, turn the effect from android app off.

Q: Is RPI included in Lightberry set?
A: No, It’s not.

Q: Is power supply included in Lightberry set?
A: Yes, It is. It’s included by default but you can buy Lightberry set without one – contact us.

Q: Does Lightberry work with [ps3/xbox/wii/nc+/dvd/blue ray/other hdmi source]?
A: Yes, it does! :)

Q: Does Lightberry work with openelec?
A: It does, but we recommend using hyperion, head to our blog for full explanation: Hyperion On OpenELEC and Configuring Boblight On OpenElec

Q: I have [more than 50"] TV. What’s Lightberry size for me?
A: As you can see in our manual Lightberry needs a bit of space to work properly. If you have a very thin border (or borderles) TV you will be better of with shorter Lightberry. We designed Lightberry to be placed exactly as the screen goes on the back of TV – thin border will not be sufficent to “hide” LEDs from sight and you will have to move them a bit closer towards center of TV. If you have a much bigger TV / still unsure what you need contact us and we will help you pick correct one or make you custom Lightberry.

Q: I have other LED configuration, can you send me a proper config?
A:Of course we can! But consider creating one on your own using:
HyperCon for Hyperion
BoblightConfigTool for boblight

Q:I have [small] TV but in near future I’m going to buy [large] TV, can I buy longer Lightberry now or should I upgrade Lightberry for new TV?
A: You can buy longer Lightberry now – there will be a couple of unused LEDs for now but it will make no difference in experience.

Q:I’m from [somwhere we don't offer shipping through ebay]. How can I purchase one?
A: Unfortunately ebay.PL is VERY limited in functionality. Only way to offer shipping is a flat rate so we decided to offer shipping to countires with the same shipping cost. On the other hand – ebay.COM won’t let us sell in PLN (among couple of other cons). But fear not and contact us (I struggled not to write “keep calm and contact us” ;) ) We will accept your payment through PayPal or request it (you DON’T need a paypal account to fultill such request) and shipp you brand new Lightberry of your choice.


Config files

Customized for Lightberry

Pick configuration that suits you best – first number indicates left/right number of LEDs, second top/bottom.

Above are suggested configurations with assumption that strand is mounted with respect to our guidelines.

Preconfigured OS images

Below images are configured to work with Lightberry and Kits out of the box

Lightberry XBMC Plugins

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