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Start with Lightberry

Lightberry has a couple of flavours that will allow you to craft it to your needs. Lightberry is our base device that enables only basic functionality, it will react to movies played only by device that Lightberry is connected to. For HDMI functionality you need to add HDMI FullHD Kit / HDMI 4K Kit to your order.

Lightberry will change the way you enjoy your movies for ever. Immerse yourself in world of colours with our help! Take a look on below chart and choose one that suits you best!

Not sure what you need?

Lightberry USB
12 LED/m
Low power consumption
Lowest price
TVs from 20″ to 70″
RPI/Cubox-i/Wetek & more

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Lightberry HD USB
30 LED/m
High resolution
TVs from 20″ to 70″
RPI/Cubox-i/Wetek & more

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That’s what I need!

What Lightberry size do you need?

I have inch TV.

Lightberry is designed for it!

TV Size Lightberry Lightberry HD
46 and less 48 LED 4m
46 – 55 52 LED 4m
55 – 60 56 LED 5m
60 – 70 64 LED 5m
70 – 75 5m

Couple of hints:

  • Do not cover any TV wents
  • If you have a thin TV border you might need to move LEDs towards the center of TV – you won’t see LEDs when looking on tv and get more space to distribute light
  • You can buy a larger set for a smaller tv – some LEDs will be unused until you buy bigger TV.

Don’t know where to Start? See our Getting Started guide!

Add HDMI Kit


Use full potential of HDMI 1.4a with 4K@30Hz resolution!

  • utv007 grabber – best linux support, superb quality
  • all black screen when no signal, easy to turn off when no signal
  • PAL/NTSC support
  • 24Hz support
  • 4K/UHD support
  • 3D support
  • HDCP 1.4 compliant
  • Supports multi channel sound through HDMI: DTS-HD/Dolby-true-HD/LPCM 7.1/DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD
  • works with Raspberry 3 / 2 / A / A+ / B / B+
  • Shipped with usb and HDMI cable, power supply (EU/US/UK plugs or adapters available)

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Super easy to configure

Use convinient wizard to configure lightberry

We are proud to present new xbmc plugin with hyperion configurator

Customize configuration file in seconds from your couch, all you need is a tv remote!

Just set the number of leds horizontaly and verticaly, choose direction, verify and enjoy your lightberry!

Head to our blog for detailed tutorial and installation instruction

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Achat depuis la France sans soucis et très rapide. Support très réactif et efficace. Facile a mettre en place pour un resultat magnifique A acheter les yeux fermés





I love the Lightberry. Definitely makes my TV experience so much better. Every time I show this to someone or people see one of my video on social media they always ask me questions about it.





Une fois le kit lightberry HD configuré et installé à l’arrière de l’écran , les séances de films sont spectaculaires ! Les scènes s’invitent dans votre salon, immersion garantie. Surtout avec un écran de 190 cm ! La livraison est rapide et l’emballage soigné. Je recommande :)

outstanding Service & Product




After selling my small Phillips Ambilight TV I really missed the ambilight. Luckily the Lightberry Crew knows that this technique is unique and a must-have for everyone. I am super glad that they made it possible for everyone to enjoy it. Their service quality is just outstanding. They are extremely patient (even with unexpierenced costumers) and they always help and give free support. Any company should take them as a role model for perfect service. But I guess it is easy to give useful service when selling a flawless product as they do ;) Thanks guys! You are the best!





Donne une nouvelle vie à la TV. le rendu est superbe, l’installation pas compliquée pour peu que l’on se pose tranquillement pour le faire. Grâce au kit HDMI premium j’ai l’ambilight pour la freebox, la xbox one… Seul bémol pour moi : le système de fixation du ruban de LED HD n’est pas terrible.

Amazing !!




Réception rapide, suivi parfait! le souci le point noir manque de clarté au niveau de la documentation, mais bon il suffit de regarder quelques tuto sur internet tout est bien expliqué. Bien sur il faut bidouiller un peu, cela ne va pas e faire tout seul sinon acheter une TV philips avec Ambilight. Le resultat est vraiment cool! le cable est assez grand voir tres grand, dans le doute je ne l’ai pas coupé par peur, dans openelec(kodi) il suffit d’ajouter un plugin et de configurer le nombre de LED en Hor. Vert. il ne me manque plus que le kit hdmi converter pour pouvoir lire sur toutes les plateforme.


Lightberry in Chip!


Visit Chip Raspberry and for more information and full issue.

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For Lightberry to work you need Raspberry Pi with accessories: power supply (at least 1A) and lan cable or Raspberry Pi compatible wifi card. You can get one from Raspberry Pi distributors or local stores.


We try to make as user friendly experience as we can gathering all required parts for your own ambient lightning system, however certain technical knowledge is required for set up (i.e. configuration of Hyperion to use given number of leds or color adjustment. ). At the end of the day it’s DIY package.


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